Alexandra, 30, and Tameez, 26, are the design force behind Blanc – a household name at ELLE HQ for its streamlined design aesthetic and attention to detail. First spotted at SAMW, Blanc’s signature blends high-end street with timeless simplicity. So inspiring, we got to know the duo better


When did you first meet?

Two years ago when Tameez returned from Holland and I was working on taking the fashion brand to another level.

How has joining forces affected your creative process?

We are opposites in many ways but are a perfect balance together. It’s especially effective because of the gender-fluid aspect of the brand. We design menswear, flowing into womenswear with no rigid divide between the two. When we are both happy with how the same garment fits on each of us, we know we have struck gold!

You debuted at SAMW in February, what was your approach for your second collection?

We focused on strengthening our trusted basics and injected the art element into the prints. This time around we collaborated with a local DJ, IRL lil R.I.P., who lit up the show with a live set and some mad visuals for an unforgettable experience.


Take us through the collection’s inspiration.

We are inspired by our life experiences and the people around us. The saying ‘In Blanc We Trust’ was our shared mantra that became the collection’s central theme. It represents the strength that we find in ourselves through the obstacles we face, and the questioning of social constructs, constantly dissolving boundaries, which is what the brand stands for.

One word for each other…

Tameez is… Street. Alex is… Art.

Together we are… Unstoppable.

Favourite colours… Always black and white.

Favourite fabrics to work with…

Comfortable and practical fabrics like cotton knits. We also like to mix it up and use different fabrics in unconventional ways.

I cannot live without…

A: Photoshop T: Music

I’m binge watching…

A: Dazed Digital YouTube channel T: Narcos

On repeat on your iPod?

Alex: Petite Noir’s La Vie Est Belle T: Frank Ocean and Mac Miller

Blanc is…?

The thrill of the unknown on a clean white page; it is stillness with a touch of madness. We design clothing for the individual.

This article orginally appeared in the August 2016 issue of ELLE South Africa.