She’s just 18 and has already shot for Nike, Hermès, Converse, Levi’s and the likes. Brooklyn-based photographer Olivia Bee has been behind the lens since she was 11 and turned professional at just 15. She’s shot Girls star Zosia Mamet for the New York Times magazine and attributes her astonishing success to plain old hard work.

The teenage prodigy took a photography class in school, taking pictures of her friends. She uploaded her work to Flickr where it caught the attention of Converse’s ad agency.

‘Nothing gets in my way,’ she told 300 women at a TedX conference in Amsterdam last December and that, right there, is what we love. Need a break? Take a page out of Miss Bee’s book.

Olivia Bee’s self portrait that she took at school, titled ‘Purple Haze’


Olivia Bee for Hermès




Olivia Bee for Levi’s



Images: Olivia Bee. Take a look at Olivia Bee’s work here.