The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is urging retailers around the world to stop selling Angora products, releasing a graphic video titled ‘the agony behind angora’ which documents the cruel treatment of rabbits farmed for their fur in China, who produces 90% of the world’s supply of angora wool.


In this disturbing video, viewers are subjected to footage of angora rabbits tied at the feet and their bodies stretched while Chinese workers rip the fur off them.

On the heels of this, Stella McCartney, who is known for her anti-fur campaigning, has publicly spoken out against the use of Angora and online retailer ASOS has pulled all their Angora products in a show of support for the campaign.  ‘By pulling all angora products from its international websites and shelves, ASOS has done the right thing for animals and consumers’, says PETA UK’s Mimi Bekhechi. And it won’t be long before other big brands and retailers follow suit.

Will you be supporting the anti-angora campaign?