Andile Biyana on Her ‘Sweet Temptation’

Created by ELLE for DKNY

There’s a reason why they call it ‘sweet temptation’.

Inspired by DKNY’s Be Tempted scent, we caught up with Andile Biyana, a founding member of the retro style collective known as Khumbula, for a shoot at The Patisserie to celebrate her ‘sweet-tooth’ temptations. Being the style maven she is, she came perfectly dressed for the occasion, “The reason I picked this outfit was to create a feeling of sweetness, softness that is attractive,  feminine and all things pretty in the shades of pastel colour.  I wanted my girly girl mood to speak in volumes,” she tells us.

Being lovers of all thing sweet ourselves, we asked her a few questions about her temptations:

What is your favourite sweet treat to indulge in?

It has to be caramel cheesecake.

And what does being tempted mean to you? 

To me, tempted means anything that is attractive or inviting.

What is one temptation you cannot live without?

My one temptation I can’t live without are cute, quirky, in your face accessories.

What’s been your favourite moment of the shoot day?

I chose to shoot at The Patisserie because I thought it was the perfect place to create an emotional feel of what I think sweet tooth is. Hence the sugary sweet shades of pink. And I also loved The Patisseries attention to detail.I just think this bakery is the best place for serving a little tea party and something sweet.

We get you Andile, bring on that caramel cheese cake!

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