I spent the weekend indoors – the entire thing. I did not step out of my flat except once to top up on supplies (yes, food). Just to get you up to speed with how I normally spend my weekends: I am that kind of person in the friendship circle who is always dragging people out on a Saturday morning to go to that market or go on that drive or have lunch at that spot or take a walk up that mountain. I find new experiences and social gatherings and the company of friends to be incredibly energizing. I even stopped drinking because I figured out that I was getting enough of a buzz just from being around people, without having to deal with a hangover. True story.

I love my weekends; I see them as mini-holidays that we are given throughout the year. Even if I have a whole lot of life-admin to catch up on Saturday I’ll still find a way to make my Sunday a bit festive. My long-suffering boyfriend gets the worst of it. Unlike me, his favourite thing is to spend his weekly mini-holiday at home, drifting between rest, eating, history documentaries (who watches history doccies in their downtime?), and stepping out only to go to gym or put in a few more hours of work. So weekend after weekend I drag him out or make commitments on our behalf for brunch or lunch with this one and that one. My greatest feat was convincing him that it is indeed a crucial part of a healthy relationship to be involved in at least two social activities every weekend (ask me how).

 But on Friday night, at the beginning of this past weekend, I slipped into a grey mélange hoodie and matching sweatpants. I shot one last Snapchat video to post to the world to let them know my weekend had begun as I sank into my couch, television screen in front of me, and something roasting in the oven that definitely was not part of my prescribed meal plan. I took another look at my snap before posting and I remembered that quote from Karl Lagerfeld: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” I posted the snap then headed straight to Uncle Karl’s Instagram account and left an, let’s say ‘unkind’ comment, and that was the last of social media before I disappeared for the weekend.

I am writing this on Monday morning, pre-dawn. Technically, my weekend-in has not yet ended. With the exception of my boyfriend, and that time I left the flat and came back with a tub of ice-cream, I have not interacted with another human since Friday. I assume you are all still alive. I have made no phone calls; I haven’t checked my always-busy Whatsapp family group; I have not scrolled through Facebook, nor have I checked up on Snapchat to see how exciting your weekends were. Mine was a weekend spent mostly watching series, YouTube videos and playing video games (I cannot believe how much better Lara Croft’s adventures have got with the technology). I took a long soak in a green tea bath, with a face mask situation to match. And at every meal I ate far, far, far outside my eating plan.

I have no great epiphanies to share from my weekend, no major memories immortalised on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. While I caught up with mindless on-screen entertainment, my significant other got his fill of history documentaries without interruption. He looks so happy and so peaceful right now, and I feel that much less guilty about the many social activities I have planned for us over the next couple of weekends.

In the spirit of #AllWeekendsAreValid, even for the most social among us, I recommend a weekend to just let go and dissolve into a puddle of grey mélange: Forget the high energy weekends of TV ads and social media accounts. Forget work, forget the week, forget other people. Eat something you’ll regret later and take a long uninterrupted soak. Don’t drink sugary fizzy drinks – that’s just irresponsible. But be self-indulgent, because sometimes that is just what the body needs: #selfcare.

Toolkit: What you’ll need to survive the indoor weekend


Netflix & Chill (Literally):

Just in case you haven’t seen these: Stranger Things, Black Mirror, The OA…I could go on and on.


The Get Down:

I have just started watching this and as a lifetime hip-hop devotee I highly recommend it. Out assistant editor, Tidi, wrote a beautiful piece on the amazingness (it’s a real word, just take my word for it) of this series that follows the birth of hip-hop. Visit to read the review.


Video games:

I thought I was over video games until I got a console recently. Best mindless entertainment ever! If you played Tomb Raider back in the early noughties you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well the franchise has grown with technology. Much of my weekend was spent on an Indiana Jones-style adventure as Lara Croft, daughter of aristocrat Lord Croft. I invaded ancient Syrian tombs and wreaked havoc on sacred sites and ancient cultures, because hey… Lara Croft. tomb-raider-ps4-xbox-one

What’s the tea:

Fuji Tea Bath (The Body Shop)