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Most people think that when you’re an intern, you mostly do the coffee runs and live the life of The Devil Wears Prada. But it’s so much more! Although, we do the coffee runs, too.

MONDAY Monday is sourcing day! This week, it was all about key pieces for our October Issue. I love sourcing. It’s like shopping without a budget, only to return the clothing at the end of the week. ELLE sources from around about fifty stores nationwide.


I arrived at work around 8am, and didn’t stop until 5:30pm – what a day! I walked into the ELLE Fashion Cupboard, and there must have been about fifteen BIG boxes waiting for me to unpack already. I got straight into it. At the beginning of creating an issue, we send out a monthly fashion brief to our mailing list of designers, stores, clothing companies and PR agencies, which outlines the themes for each fashion shoot in an upcoming magazine issue. We then get sent product according to the brief to use in the shoots. And today was deadline day.

Tarryn, our fashion director, joined us in the afternoon to start making her selections for the following days’ shoot. I helped for a bit, and then had to run around and collect some important items for another shoot later in the week.


I got to the office nice and early to get ready for my first solo product shoot. After packing up all the clothing and accessories, I headed down to the studio in Salt River. A product shoot is called a ‘stills’ shoot, which means the product is shot flat, or on a stand, rather than on a model. This is really hard to get right, but I had some practice, and an incredible photographer to work with, which made a tough project a bit more manageable. We powered through all  ninety items, and finished on time. At the end of the day, I packed up and headed back to the office, to drop off all the items. It was a long day, but well worth all the hard work.


I started off the day by checking emails, seeing the latest updates and stories on, and finishing off the price list I had done for my shoot the previous day. I headed off to the studio of the morning live TV show, Expresso, in Sea Point to collect a bag of clothing from a designer. I dropped it off on set, and then headed back to the office to start packing up all the clothing we had sourced on Monday. I returned the luxury items to the V & A Waterfront, and grabbed some lunch to eat on the drive back to the office.

For the rest of the afternoon, I finished off all the return packing, and even packed a few boxes to send back to our Johannesburg office. Paigh, the other intern, and Tarryn returned from their shoot around 6pm, and once they were back – I called it a day.


After a long week, today was a little more relaxing. After several trips returning product to the malls, I worked from home – checking emails, organizing sourcing for next weeks’ shoot and requesting prices of items.

What a week!

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