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7 Beach Style Secrets I Learned from Stylist Shiona Turini

The Bermuda native who's on the road for more than half the year would know.


With the holidays (and snow) on the horizon, we're sure you're eager to jet off to a tropical location. Visions of palm trees and rum swizzles may be dancing around in your head, but before you get too ahead of yourself you've got to pack those bags—and if you're anything like me, you think packing is the worst. So I reached out to stylist Shiona Turini for help. The Bermuda-native spends more than 200 days of the year on the road, often on her hometown island, so it's safe to say she knows what to bring with her and what to leave behind. Ahead, seven surefire style secrets from the travel-pro.

1. Stick to your signature outfit combinations.

"I’m not someone who goes on vacation and suddenly wants to try out every weather-permitting trend. The high-waisted, wide legged pant and crop top combination is my signature. In easy fabrics that can be dressed up and down, your staples do twice the work for your getaway look. Take this Johanna Ortiz top for example: it’s a grander take on a crop top that is as appropriate with a pair of trusty jeans as it is with a billowy pant for evening."

Turini at The Hamilton Princess Hotel MEREDITH ANDREWS PHOTOGRAPHY

2. Tiny tops make the best travel companions.

"A great bandeau will pair well with almost any one of your bottoms, plus, it gets major points for its wear-per-square-inch of suitcase occupancy. This patent leather Dries Van Noten top is just interesting enough to make a cohesive look (let’s admit it, this one’s all about the jacquard shorts), but also incredibly versatile. You can also pair it with high waisted short or a flowy maxi skirt."


3. Trim down the amount of swimwear your bring.

"As an island girl, I’ve acquired quite the collection of swimwear over the years; however, for the sake of a quick getaway, I only pack black, white, and solid colored suits that I can wear from the beach to a bar. Anything more, and my suitcase would be overflowing with swimwear. This Mint Swim bikini—with its well-placed cut outs—is perfect for shore-side sun-soaking; the top will wear well with my must-pack bottoms, so I can trim down on what I’m packing.

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