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From episodes we continuously have on repeat to coveted box sets, we pay homage to some of our favourite female friendships on TV.


1.Serena and Blair might have had toxic times but you can’t help but admire how S and B stick together through pretty much anything, dressed in head-to-toe couture, of course!

2.Cher and Dionne in Clueless were best friends back in the days of 90s chick flicks. The stylish duo, who later became a trio when Tai enrolled at Beverly Hills High School, knew what it meant to stick together no matter what.

3.The Kelsey Grammar produced sitcom Girlfriends is the epitome of sisterhood, talking a diverse set of issues including racism, sexuality, gender and class. Although the show was never quite the same after Toni left, it is rumoured that the ever so stylish Joan, sassy Maya and free-spirited Lynn will all be reunited soon in a big screen adaptation.

4.Meredith and Cristina helped each other get through dark and dramatic deaths, as well as intense dramas (both in the medical room and in their love lives). They were each other’s people and we like that.

5.Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna & Marnie sure are a good example of how completely random friendship can be. From telling your girlfriend’s about bad sex and navigating your way through being roommates, break-ups, falling out of friendship for stupid reasons and falling into it again.

What are some of your favorite womances on TV? Tweet us your thoughts @ELLEMagazineSA.

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