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Looking for contemporary African inspiration? Well you’re in luck as the FNB Joburg Art Fair starts today, September 11th at the Sandton Convention Centre.  Here we give you a roundup of our 5 must see artists at the fair.

  1. Tony Gum

Recently dubbed the coolest kid in Cape Town by Vogue, Tony Gum will have her first solo presentation at the Christopher Moller Gallery.

  1. Sindiso Nyoni

Sindiso Nyoni is a Zimbabwean artist, based in South Africa and is known for his striking illustrations. His imagery display invites interaction with the art connoisseurs, using pink Post-It notes to describe their thoughts on how the art impacts their world or how it makes them feel.

  1. Candice Breitz

Currently based in Berlin, South African artist Candice Breitz' moving image installations have been shown internationally.  The multi-channel video installation ‘HIM + HER’ is presented by Johannesburg Art Gallery, Artlogic and Goodman Gallery.

  1. Jenna Burchell

The Narrators is a series of artworks by Jenna Burchell, an artist who creates experiences and the notion of storytelling through interactive installations with viewers.

  1. Lakin Ogunbanwo

Lakin Ogunbanwo’s new series will be unveiled at the Art Fair.  The Lagos-born photographer will showcase traditional Nigerian men’s head gear worn in a modern way.

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