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With her two singles Do Re Mi and Sweatt burning up the 5FM charts, Lakota Silva talks secrets to her rising success

Who were your guilty pleasure artists growing up?

I was inspired by all the break-out female artists of the 2000s; Christina Aguilera’s voice, Rihanna’s style, and Beyoncé as a well-rounded performer. I even remember pretending to be Ginger Spice [Geri] in shows at pre-school and playing Britney Spears in official school plays.

Your album POP – The Mixtape recently dropped, what has been the hardest part of putting the album together?

As an artist, you have a sound, story, and an overall feel you wish to achieve and communicate to the listeners. The hardest part is not being able to produce myself (yet) so it’s extremely important to find the right people to work with, who understand my brand and can compliment my sound.

You have collaborated with LOCNVILLE as well as Pascal & Pearce, which artist, dead or alive, is on your collaborative wish list?

Michael Jackson, for sure! I’d also love the opportunity to work with Pharrell, Kanye West, Diplo and Eminem. I’m a huge fan of local hip-hop artists, too, so any of those collaborations would be fire!

You have cultural roots that stretch from here to Madeira, how have these influenced your sound?

I love being culturally aware, and experimenting with unique and interesting sounds.

Your singles Sweatt and Do Re Mi have been making their way up the 5FM charts, how has the public reception been for you?

People always amaze me. One hopes for a positive response, but it’s exceeded that. I’m truly grateful for the love and support received along the way.

Your music would be perfect for…?

Getting ready for the night out, or an instant kick of energy, happiness and power!

You created the artwork for your album; how has your inclination towards art influenced your fashion?

I worked with an amazing team, Dylan Louw, Niki De Wet and Sean Sequeira on the artwork. I believe every form of art is married to the next. The way we speak, see things, and create – amongst each other – is an expression of who we are. My art has certainly influenced my fashion. I enjoy pushing the envelope to inspire conversation.

October is our Summer Fashion Issue, what is your must have summer staple?

An exciting bold lip.

What is next for you?

I’m currently working on my live shows.

How can fans reach you?

I’m available on all social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, I have a Facebook page, I’m also on Apple Music.

Are you excited to see Lakota Silva’s rise to fame? Tell us how much below.

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