‘2017 Is About Knowing Your Worth’ PICHULIK founder Katherine-Mary Pichulik

We caught up with PICHULIK founder and designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik to look back at her 2016 highlights, as well as her motto for the year ahead.

What was your career highlight in 2016?

I think our SS17 Collection, where we were able to offer jewels/accessories and PICHULIK by Nadya as one cohesive collection. It felt true and honest to the brand.

What are some of the challenges you faced as a designer?  

2016 was a challenge with regards to finding the right team for our brand, to actualise the vision. People we can trust who are committed and capable. This year Beatrice Maake joined as brand manager and really has started to form part of our new direction.

Which trends were your favourite?

A more authentic/ and diverse depiction of womanhood and beauty in fashion. Idiosyncratic, gender neutral ,curvy, plus, athletic etc.  Models and brand ambassadors are showing us how to style trends and it is refreshing. Although it is just the start of this, I think the direction is important.


Photo credit: pichulik.com

What are you most grateful for from 2016?

My boyfriend

Who did you work with in 2016 that deserves a major shout out?

My mother. She has really supported the Jhb wing of the brand.


Photo credit: pichulik.com

What 2017 trend/s are you excited about?

Authenticity + sleep + kindness+digital detox + linen.

What is your 2017 mantra/motto/meditation?

Get ESSENTIAL, clear the cluttered thoughts/things/spaces/habits that do not serve your sense of health, peace and well being. 2017 is  about knowing your worth and letting all that surrounds you reflect that back to you like a beaming self-love mirror.

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