We’re very career-minded this month and our March issue is packed with information to boost your stylish success – so we loved Linda Trim’s timing when she sent us these tips for making your working day that much better! Linda, by the way, is the marketing and sales director at Giant Leap, a super cool interior architects company whose focus is on working spaces.


Arrive on time. Arriving late and in a panic looks bad to the boss and your colleagues and gets you off to a poor start.


You get through things a lot quicker when you have a plan. If you don’t like to plan the evening before, put in a few minutes early in the morning to map out your day. This allows you to hit the ground running. Tick items off the list as you go. Doing this will put you in a better position to deal with something urgent and unexpected that may come your way.


Psych yourself up on the way to work with a smile. Smiling helps everyone, including yourself, have a better day. A smile can make dealing with difficult and trying situations easier and arriving in a good mood has a pleasant effect on your whole team, not to mention you’ll end up being more liked by all.


Throughout the day, take some time out. A few minutes break can do amazing things for your mind and creativity. Use the time to chat to colleagues and interact with your fellow employees. Get to know each other better, and use one another to bounce off new work ideas.


Wipe the whiteboard in your mind clean. Starting each day afresh, even when carrying over work from the previous day, allows you to think in a completely different, dynamic way.


Take time to enjoy lunch, even if it is just a short break. Step away from your desk, take a deep breath and enjoy your meal.  Rushed meals at your desk only lead to indigestion, physically and mentally. Taking time out from your work to disconnect gives you renewed energy for the rest of the day.


When feeling harried, concentrate on breathing in and out until you feel centered and focused again.


Clean your desk before you leave the office. Make sure you know where everything is and have a filing process in place. You’ll thank yourself when you arrive to an uncluttered, organised work space in the morning – and you’ll save time, too, as you work through your to-do list.

E-MAIL 101

Set up a schedule for checking and answering emails so that you aren’t a slave to your inbox all day, every day.


Building strong relationships in the office is vital. It is empowering and motivating to feel part of a team. Indeed, having good interpersonal skills is a huge plus in climbing the corporate ladder and enjoying your day at work.

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    These are so helpful, thank you for very much.

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    Thank you so much for these tips so helpful. I’m going to print them!!